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Department Graduation Threshold (Information Engineering Professional Ability Certification/Certificate Submission) Deadline Announcement

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本學期系畢業門檻(資網工程專業能力認證)於 5/3晚間11:59截止 ,請同學於時間內完成上傳,逾時不候。
This semester's department graduation threshold (Information Network Engineering Professional Competence Certification) ends at 11:59 pm on May 3. Students are asked to complete the upload within the time. If you exceed the time limit, you will not be waited.

After the review is completed, it will be announced that the application has passed. Those who fail will have to pay it in in the next semester.

✔檔案位置:數位學習平台➜資網工程專業能力認證 課程➜開始上課➜資訊網路重系專業實務技能畢業門檻.docx
File location: Digital Learning Platform ➜Information Network Engineering Professional Ability Certification Course ➜Start Class ➜Information Network Heavy Major Practical Skills Graduation Threshold.docx

✔繳交位置:數位學習平台➜資網工程專業能力認證 課程➜作業/報告➜專業認證 請注意繳交檔案為.docx
Submission location: Digital Learning Platform ➜ Ziwang Engineering Professional Ability Certification Courses ➜ Assignments/Reports ➜ Professional Certification Please note that the submitted file is .docx

Contact unit (02)8209-3211 ext. 5701 Department Assistant
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  1. 請各位同學特別注意,多益(TOEIC)與 CSEPT以及各項語言門檻(如:日文檢定、中文檢定等)和證照並非實務技能畢業門檻,故請各位不要上傳該證明。
    Please pay special attention to the fact that TOEIC and CSEPT, as well as various language thresholds (such as Japanese proficiency test, Chinese proficiency test, etc.) and certificates are not the threshold for graduation in practical skills, so please do not upload the certificate.
  2. 發證單位:MTA-Microsoft、ITS-Certiport、ITE-電腦技能基金會、IPAS-經濟部產業發展署、TQC-電腦技能基金會、甲/乙/丙級技術士-勞動部
    Issuing unit: MTA-Microsoft, ITS-Certiport, ITE-Computer Skills Foundation, IPAS-Industrial Development Administration,Ministry of Economic Affairs, TQC-Computer Skills Foundation, Level A/B/C Certified Technician-Ministry of Labor
  3. 本系跨領域學分學程(AIoT智慧物聯網),請5門課程通過並修畢,再進行填寫,若未達5門無須上傳。(限填課程名稱及課程代號於學程名稱,發證單位毋需填寫。)
    For the cross-field credit course of this department (AIoT Intelligent Internet of Things), please pass and complete 5 courses before filling in. If you have less than 5 courses, there is no need to upload. (Only fill in the course name and course code in the academic program name, the issuing unit does not need to fill in.)
  4. 若有疑問,請同學務必至本系辦提問,勿聽信謠言。
    If you have any questions, please be sure to ask questions at the department office and do not listen to rumors.