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The Department was established in 2001. Within this year, we set up a class of four-year program continuing education division. In 2002, we set up a class of four-year program daytime session, at the beginning of this Department establishment, we were brought up and controlled by Department of Electrical Engineering, and began to separate from Department of Electrical Engineering since 2003. In 2004, this Department was formally independent and became a small self-management department.

The operation of this Department has been always relying on the support and help of Department of Electrical Engineering. Though we do not have many specialized teachers after independence, we are learning to build the department according to the specification of a complete department.

Goals & Features

Currently our department focuses on development of Computer Science and Information Engineering technology and network communication technology, emphasizes sharpening the skills of specialized academic fields and highlights integration of system with the hope to cultivate students to have specialized accomplishment and independent research ability in order to become excellent engineers in the field of information and network engineering after graduation.

In order to match the development steps of General State Information Technology and encounter widespread characteristics of network knowledge, Department of Computer Information and Network Engineering provides complete course planning of computer information and communication network to help students with grasp the principles and technologies of computer information and network, and to cultivate students' ability to plan, build, manage and design information network system. Besides, Department of Computer Information and Network Engineering provides excellent practical facilities and equipments for students to deal with engineer affairs including programming, multimedia, Internet and multi- business operating network.

Future Trends

The department recruited students with only one class under the daytime session at the beginning of its establishment, and another class was added in 2005. The teaching direction of Department of Computer Information and Network Engineering is to cultivate excellent professionals in network engineering technology and information software design. Network will become an inevitable tool in our daily life and a fundamental engineering that facilitates the upgrading of life quality and science and technology.

Update: 2022.02.10