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The Ministry of Education actively promotes off-campus internships for vocational school and college students to enhance their adaptability and competitiveness in the workplace. In line with the Ministry of Education's policy, our university offers a 9-credit elective course lasting 4.5 months to provide practical experience and improve students' competitiveness.

Students who complete a 4.5-month internship off-campus and complete the internship application and signing contract with the company can exempt 9 credits of professional elective courses. For detailed procedures, please refer to the "Longhua University Student Off-Campus Internship Guidelines," as shown in Attachment 1. The department has collected a list of companies willing to provide internship opportunities, posted on the department bulletin board.

Students can also seek internship opportunities on their own, but they need to complete the internship application and sign a contract. Please refer to the application process and related attachments, fill out and submit them. If there are any uncertainties, please contact the department office (extension 5701).

The application process for off-campus internships is as follows:

  1. Implemented according to the Longhua University Student Off-Campus Internship Guidelines.
    (Attachment 1 - Off-Campus Internship Guidelines.doc) (Attachment 1 - Off-Campus Internship Guidelines.odt)
  2. Students who wish to participate in off-campus internships and have already contacted companies on their own must fill out the Off-Campus Internship Application Form (Attachment 2 - Off-Campus Internship Application Form.doc) (Attachment 2 - Off-Campus Internship Application Form.odt). After approval by the department and public announcement, please inform the company to fill in basic information and open relevant positions on the Student Off-Campus Internship and Enterprise Recruitment Information System. Students then apply for the position through the student administration system, contact the department assistant, apply in the system, and pick up the contract from the department office. Then, students need to submit the contract to the company for stamping and return it to the department. Note: Companies can be found independently, but the job tasks must be related to the knowledge learned in the department.
  3. Students who wish to participate in off-campus internships but need the department's assistance in matching with companies should refer to the list of companies that provide internship opportunities, posted at the department entrance or in the internship area. Please arrange interviews with companies on your own (Internship Contract (Blank).odt). Once matched successfully, come to the department to get information, submit the attached parent consent form and related attachments within the specified time to complete the application process.

Important Notes:

  • Please pay attention to workplace ethics during the internship period to set a good example for future students.
  • If you need to return to campus for classes during the internship period, you must obtain the company's permission and pick up the "Internship Period Returning to Campus for Classes Consent Form," and return it after obtaining the company's signature.
  • During the internship period, please fill out the "Internship Work Summary Report.docx" "Internship Work Summary Report.odt" once.
  • Internship participants, please confirm whether the content of the "Contract" is correct?
  • Please check whether the credits obtained during the internship are correct on the course selection system.
  • During the internship period, please comply with the various regulations of the internship unit and maintain confidentiality for all work-related matters.
  • The "Longhua University Student Off-Campus Internship Guidelines" are available on the Research and Development Office website. Please refer to it as needed.
  • The internship counseling teacher in our department will visit the student internship site according to actual needs to assist in solving students' adaptation problems.
  • Students who did not participate in off-campus internships due to credit issues before, please make sure to add or drop courses online.
  • If you have any problems during the internship period, please report to our department or the internship counseling teacher; also, pay attention to department notifications.
  • Download Annex 1 and individual project plan from the student system.
  • Contact window for our department: Tel: 82093211 #5701